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Taking Small Business IT to the Next Level

Thousands of users have discovered the benefits of using MyQuickCloud, allowing them to work when and where they need to. MyQuickCloud users come from businesses small and large; individuals and team members needing affordable and secure on-demand access to business applications and data.

Businesses using MyQuickCloud to create a single workspace with MS Office applications and live company data enable their users to accomplish required tasks regardless of working location.

Full-functionality applications and real time file access means workers can collaborate effectively no matter where they are located. Business data remains securely stored on the host instead of being sync’d to mobile devices or laptop computers, and the containment of applications and data means that information can stay secure even if a device becomes compromised.

MyQuickCloud used with SMB favorites like QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise gives small businesses the flexibility to work on their businesses wherever they are without having to invest a lot in expensive and complicated IT. Networking QuickBooks can be an annoying process where installing and maintaining software on each PC equates to spending extra time and money unnecessarily. MyQuickCloud helps businesses centralize their software and data resources, making system management and administration easier and more efficient, and reducing the overall cost of business IT and enabling secure remote and mobile capability at the same time.

When MyQuickCloud is the foundation of the system, some or all desktop applications and company data can be available for users to access securely from any internet-connected computer. Unlike single-user or remote control solutions, MyQuickCloud facilitates multi-user access to systems so that users remain productive. A user working on the host computer is able to remain working even as remote users access the same computer to run their applications. Further, MyQuickCloud allows businesses to select the specific applications and data on the host each user can access, unlike solutions that grant remote computer access as “all or nothing”.

MyQuickCloud takes small business IT to the next level, delivering a simple and affordable solution for secure remote desktops, applications and workspaces that competes at every level with more costly enterprise IT products. MyQuickCloud believes business technology should be uncomplicated and inexpensive so every business owner has the chance to take their operation to the next level.

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Better Security for Small Business IT

Become a MyQuickCloud Partner and earn revenue while delivering the most flexible and secure remote and mobile access solution available.

What’s your business response to the unprecedented number of risks and threats out there? Enterprise security leaders agree that digital transformation requires a fundamental change to existing IT security strategies. The majority of senior executives are already re-engineering their approach to cybersecurity.

Containers, server-based computing and hybrid clouds are instrumental in keeping business data safe. Become a MyQuickCloud Partner and have the solutions you need to deliver better IT security for your clients.If all you need is unattended remote access, MyQuickCloud host agent is what you’re looking for. Technicians can access any machine or server with a MyQuickCloud host agent, anytime and even when users aren’t there. MyQuickCloud is a perfect option for managing customer servers, supporting a mobile workforce and providing IT services to external users.

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