MyQuickCloud Delivers Secure Remote Access Solutions And Managed Cloud Servers For Small Businesses And IT Resellers

SuperbCrew article on interview with Joanie Mann, Director Of Business Development at MyQuickCloud.

In this interview, Joanie Mann gives insights about the main features offered with MyQuickCloud, advantages over competition and pricing options.

MyQuickCloud is a secure remote access solution for small businesses and IT resellers, allowing them to quickly and simply create a secure business cloud that can be accessed by PC, Mac or mobile device. Whether the host computer is on-premises or cloud, MyQuickCloud instantly turns the computer into a cloud host that delivers remote desktops, virtual applications and workspaces. Below is our interview with Joanie Mann, Director Of Business Development at MyQuickCloud

Q: Can you give us more insights into your features?

A: MyQuickCloud administrators can manage users, publish applications and desktops, and create shared workspaces – all via a single simple interface. Using the MyQuickCloud app or web portal, host computer online status can be viewed, hosts can be remotely restarted with a single click, and user connections monitored or reset. MyQuickCloud even provides access to host computers, via remote desktop login or console connection. MyQuickCloud security is also seamless, creating fully encrypted connections on-demand, with no requirement to adjust firewalls or use static IP addresses or specialized VPN equipment.

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