MyQuickCloud for bookkeepers


Bookkeeper needs a way to host some clients QuickBooks or other applications and data, but also has clients who want to keep their QuickBooks on their own computers.


MyQuickCloud users + additional host (if required)


MyQuickCloud Cloud Server + MyQuickCloud users


$25 per user per month + $10 per host per month (if required)


MyQuickCloud Cloud Servers starting at $50 per month (depending on business size)

+ $25 per user per month (depending on number of users required)


Installing MyQuickCloud host turns the bookkeeper’s server into a host for some of the QuickBooks clients.  If the computer isn’t ready to handle other users, then a MyQuickCloud Cloud Server might be a better option.  For those clients who wish to keep their QuickBooks local, simply set up a MyQuickCloud host on the client’s PC, and instantly be able to access applications and company files from the desktop or apps published from that host.


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