MyQuickCloud for accountants


Accounting firm needs to have applications and data available to team members in different locations, and also needs a way to work with clients in the cloud.


MyQuickCloud Cloud Server, local server, and MyQuickCloud users


MyQuickCloud Cloud Servers starting at $50 per month (depending on business size)

or additional MyQuickCloud host for $10 per host per month

+ $25 per user per month (depending on number of users required)


Use the MyQuickCloud Cloud Server to host client applications and files, and access all firm software and data on the firm’s server – all from a single platform.  Users can be provided with remote desktops or just the selected applications they need, so clients can run their QuickBooks from the Cloud Server, and firm users can access both their internal firm applications and client QuickBooks and other apps from a single interface.

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