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MyQuickCloud Desktops in the Cloud

The term “Cloud Computing” is often applied to hosted systems where the servers are provided and managed by somebody else, usually a commercial service provider, and are located offsite relative to the businesses using them.  The cloud aspect is represented by the ubiquity of access and availability. But what if a business could have “cloud” access and availability, but have it delivered with MyQuickCloud from their own servers or from hosted servers?

The most obvious benefit of using MyQuickCloud is creating anytime, anywhere access to valuable business workspaces, applications and data. This is done by publishing Virtual Desktops or Virtual Applications within MyQuickCloud, giving users a familiar desktop interface and way of working they already use every day.  With comprehensive access to fully-functional programs and the data that goes with them, regardless of what type of device the user works from or where the user is located, users are productive even when away from the office.  MyQuickCloud provides the solution for mobile workers and users in remote offices alike, and enables “home sourcing” (using at-home workers) or use of outsource companies or 3rd party contractors just as easily as it addresses multi-location businesses and remote offices.

MyQuickCloud can reduce the complexity of running and managing small business IT, making it fast and simple to create secure virtual desktops and remote applications from in-house systems. With optional managed hosting from MyQuickCloud, businesses can even further reduce the cost of implementing and maintaining their IT. Purchasing and installing servers and complicated networks isn’t required with MyQuickCloud hosting, and maintaining, patching and repairing the system is part of the job.

MyQuickCloud hosts the applications businesses use every day, on premises and in the cloud. Among the benefits of MyQuickCloud is that it allows a business to choose to run on localized technology or on cloud hosted servers. MyQuickCloud helps businesses move to a cloud computing strategy without having to retrain users or convert data, and doesn’t limit future software and systems options.

MyQuickCloud’s server-based computing model and optional managed hosting service reduces IT costs and helps create predictability in those costs over time by delivering more efficient security, user and application administration. Adopting cloud computing with MyQuickCloud helps businesses improve their IT environments without retraining users or converting data because they can continue to use the software solutions they already use. And MyQuickCloud hosting solutions help businesses implement new and complex solutions without the high upfront investments in hardware and networking infrastructure.

Businesses are no longer dependent upon a single physical location because MyQuickCloud makes services accessible from almost anywhere. Users are not tied to a specific computer; MyQuickCloud can be accessed from just about any Internet-connected device.

See how MyQuickCloud can work for your business to create mobility and remote access, centralized and streamlined IT management and administration, and better disaster recovery capability.

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Did you know? According to Symantec, CIOs have lost track of how many cloud apps are in use throughout their organizations: their guess was 40 when the real number was nearly 1000. With bring-your-own-device, unmonitored access and “below the radar” IT being normal modes of operating for many businesses, every operation is at risk in some manner.  If CIOs don’t get a better handle on cloud app usage and access, attackers will find more ways to take advantage.

New to the Concepts of Cloud and Online?

Intuit QuickBooks desktop editions are among the most popular business applications in use today, so it is no wonder that a lot of people want to use MyQuickCloud to enable secure multi-user access to QuickBooks applications and data.

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