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How to Lower Total Cost Ownership Increase Productivity with Business IT

MyQuickCloud define your host environmentReducing the cost of information technology management while retaining a competitive advantage is challenging for any business. Even as some workloads and applications are migrated to cloud service, businesses continue to invest heavily in on-premises infrastructure and desktop software to keep the business running.

Whether the business IT is primarily in-house or on a hosted cloud server, MyQuickCloud significantly lowers the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by centralizing applications and data and making them available to all users seamlessly. MyQuickCloud does this all while leveraging the existing network and management infrastructure, which doesn’t simply make use of the investment but makes it more valuable.

MyQuickCloud secure remote access solution uses the Windows security model so permissions and access control is still handled by your IT team without change. The difference is that only MyQuickCloud allows cloud administrators to publish applications and desktops, create workspaces and manage cloud users from within the MyQuickCloud application, reducing IT time spent provisioning users and administering access and connections.

MyQuickCloud is a server-based, thin-client solution that eliminates the need for products like Citrix Meta-frame or “raw” Remote Desktop configurations. It has been fully optimized for reliable, secure, scalable application delivery to PC, Mac and mobile devices.

MyQuickCloud is the simple and secure application virtualization and Web-enabling solution that makes it easy to extend the reach of your Windows applications to your corporate network or the Web without modifying a single line of code. With MyQuickCloud, Mac users can seamlessly run Windows applications right on their desktops without having to use virtualization software or partition the machine. What’s more, MyQuickCloud makes it easy to create a private cloud to keep sensitive material in a secured central location or data center.

With MyQuickCloud, your team will no longer be out of sync with the office. Provide your remote workforce or home-based employees with access to information as if they were inside the corporate network and firewall. Remote and mobile workers can access your CRM, quoting and customer service systems, files and documents…anything they may need becomes completely accessible via PC, laptop or mobile device.

Features to simplify IT administration and make tech work better for the business include:

  • Access to applications and data from any web connection
  • Ability to create a secure MyQuickCloud Cloud server
  • Windows, Mac, iOS and Android native clients
  • Access your servers via PC, Mac or mobile device
  • Full printing and file transfer capability
  • User, Application and Host management

Use MyQuickCloud to support increased profitability and efficiency by making team communication and collaboration easier:

  • Keep your entire team up to date by allowing access whenever from wherever
  • Empower your sales team and grow your business by closing more sales
  • Improve your client retention by serving more customers in less time
  • Make better decisions with current information all the time

Reduced cost of IT management, better access to apps and information, and a workforce that has the tools to get the job done anytime, anywhere. These are the benefits MyQuickCloud can deliver to your business.

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QuickBooks 2018 is here!
Time to Update Your Software and Systems?

QuickBooks 2018 from different devicesQuickBooks 2018 is here and that means it is time to take a look at upgrading software and systems to support another year of operations.

Instead of upgrading software on existing PCs or pushing the old server beyond its limits, consider implementing a centralized, easier-to-manage system that reduces the time, cost and complexity of dealing with business IT.

Whether your business uses QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise, installing the new edition makes more sense when it is done at the server level, eliminating time-consuming installations on different PCs and reducing the need to upgrade workstation equipment.QuickBooks 2018

Contact our sales team today to get your QuickBooks 2018 software, and to find out how easy and inexpensive it is to create a central solution for your business cloud whether it is on-premises or on hosted cloud servers.

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QuickBooks and other desktop applications you can access at any time, from anywhere.
  • MyQuickCloud share desktop applicationsDon’t sync your data, access it in real time
  • Multi-user access is better than single-user remote control
  • Run 3rd party applications that connect to QuickBooks

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Shared Hosting Holding You Hostage?

Keep Your Cloud Private and Secure with MyQuickCloud

Lower riskThere is little doubt the recent wave of ransom ware attacks have raised the level of concern among business owners. This increasingly prevalent cyber threat holds electronic data hostage in return for payment, effectively bringing business to a grinding halt.

If operating in a shared hosting environment, your business is working next to others on the same systems and network. While your company may have strict policies and procedures in place to keep information private and data secure, you’re still vulnerable to the behavior and actions of others working in the same environment.

While many believe that hackers only go after big companies, the truth is that small and medium sized businesses are also frequently targeted. Attacks are often the result of innocent clicks on emails and website links, or responses to phishing messages or other socially-engineered activities which let the bad guys in. Research conducted by the Ponemon Institute shows that it’s more a matter of WHEN it happens, rather than IF it will.

With MyQuickCloud:

  • When accessing remotely your data does not leave your computer or network. Only the display and user interactions are streamed across a protected 128/256 bit SSL secured connection.
  • The connectivity is handled by the MyQuickCloud application; you are not required to have a static IP, open any ports or make any firewall changes. All connections are solely outgoing.
  • You have control over which applications and data you allow your users to access

MyQuickCloud uses a powerful encryption mechanism (SSL: Secure Socket Layer) for all data transmitted from one computer to another. Only your computers have the keys to decipher the data, meaning that anybody getting hold of the data would not be able to decrypt it. Therefore you can access your host computer from anywhere – your home PC, from a public network or a shared computer, secure in the knowledge that your data is completely safe.

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Managed Mobility for Every Business

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Earn revenue while delivering the most flexible and secure remote and mobile access solution available.

From small business to growing enterprise, MyQuickCloud partners deliver the information technology solutions that keep businesses. MyQuickCloud is the platform techs and MSPs use to harness the power of Remote Desktop Services while avoiding the pitfalls, problems and complications.

Managing end user environments is made simple with MyQuickCloud’s desktop virtualization and application delivery solutions. MyQuickCloud helps companies proactively address known shortcomings in RDS and Terminal Server, effectively eliminating problems before they start and mitigating operational risk.

Containers and server-based computing are instrumental in making cloud and hybrid IT environments manageable. Become a MyQuickCloud Partner and have the tools you need to deliver the mobility and access solutions businesses need.

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