Learn How to Reduce Cost and Complexity of Business IT

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Learn How to Reduce Cost and Complexity of Business IT

work remotely myquickcloud tabletteBusinesses have used computers ever since they became affordable, and organizations of all sizes and types rely on desktop computer software and PC networks to keep users productive. As the number and complexity of applications increases so does the technical expertise required to manage and maintain the systems increase.

Small business owners are often challenged with finding cost-efficient ways to keep software and systems running, and software for small businesses isn’t always small. In many cases, applications designed for use by small businesses can be as complicated and costly to implement and maintain as the enterprise variety.

As programs and data files increase in volume and size, and with the mobile workforce becoming more geographically dispersed, IT management issues are likely to only increase in number and cause. Growing distributed systems suffer from a variety of challenges including degradation in system performance and higher occurrences of data corruption, increasing costs of networking and transport equipment to provide QoS, and more active endpoints creating greater risk to the entire network.

MyQuickCloud solves these problems by allowing businesses to provide access to traditional Windows-based and desktop application environments while eliminating the need to install and maintain applications or sync data on individual PCs and mobile devices.

Containing the applications and the data on the host server and providing users with seamless anytime/anywhere access to those applications allows workers to be productive no matter where they work from while keeping the data safe and secure on the host server. Even very small businesses are able to offer users comprehensive workspaces supporting full productivity, no matter where the user works from.

The MyQuickCloud computing model allows businesses to continue using applications they already have investments in. The applications are installed on the MyQuickCloud host where they can be managed and secured directly, rather than having software and data installed on various desktops and laptops throughout the company. Data is processed and managed more efficiently in the centralized system, keeping users on the same version and reducing the volume of stored data by eliminating duplication.

The MyQuickCloud unique approach to server-based computing allows businesses to setup a secure business cloud on their own equipment in just minutes, or to subscribe to an optional managed cloud server that can deploy in a few days. Used as the foundation for centralizing access to information and applications in the business, MyQuickCloud can improve total in-house IT delivery, and simply and securely enable the remote and mobile workforce.

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MyQuickCloud certified partner badgeBecome a MyQuickCloud Partner and earn revenue while delivering the most flexible and secure remote and mobile access solution available.

MyQuickCloud is the platform techs and MSPs use to harness the power of Remote Desktop Services while avoiding the pitfalls, problems and complications.

Managing end user environments is made simple with MyQuickCloud’s desktop virtualization and application delivery solutions. MyQuickCloud helps companies proactively address known shortcomings in RDS and Terminal Server, effectively eliminating problems before they start and mitigating operational risk.

Containers and server-based computing are instrumental in making cloud and hybrid IT environments manageable. Become a MyQuickCloud Partner and have the tools you need to deliver the solutions businesses need.

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Malware, Ransomware and Your Systems

Improve Security and Management of Software and Data Assets

There is little doubt the recent wave of ransomware attacks have raised the level of concern among business owners. This increasingly prevalent cyber threat holds electronic data hostage in return for payment, effectively bringing business to a grinding halt.

While many believe that hackers only go after big companies, the truth is that small and medium sized businesses are also frequently targeted. Research conducted by the Ponemon Institute shows that it’s more a matter of when it happens, rather than if. Their findings show that 51% of small businesses have already experienced some type of attack.

Take steps to improve the security of business applications and information by implementing the secure remote access and server-based solution that works. MyQuickCloud helps businesses centralize their information resources so that managing and protecting software and data assets is easier and more efficient, improving overall TCO while reducing risk.

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