Use cases

Instantly share your desktop applications with MyQuickCloud


Business has a main office location with a server, but also has remote offices. Users in different locations needs access to the same systems


MyQuickCloud self-hosting with multiple users


$25 per user per month (price depends on number of user required)


Install MyQuickCloud host on the office server, create your MyQuickCloud users, and instantly publish virtual desktops (remote desktops) or virtual applications (individual applications) for each user.  Now, users can access applications and data from the same place, in real-time, from any remote office or other location. All they need is MyQuickCloud and an internet connection.

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Loic Le Marois

Loic Le Marois is in charge of Marketing and Business Development here at MyQuickCloud. He has a keen interest in entrepreneurship, business strategy, marketing and technology. He spent numerous years working in marketing for big corporations but now he puts all his efforts in start ups as he is an entrepreneur himself. With MyQuickCloud he likes to spend time advising clients on the best solution for them to achieve their goals and allowing a faster growth. He can be reached at or follow him on Linkedin.