Being a working parent, how working from home has changed my work / life balance

So I am Laura I’m 25 and I work for a company called MyQuickCloud. If you’re a current client you may have spoken to me on support or sales and I run our social media so if you have contacted us there it would be me you would be speaking to 🙂  I have a two year old called Ayla-Jane and we have documented a typical week for us as I navigate being a mum and working full time (luckily I get to work remotely 4 days a week) and this is to share my personal experiences with working from home, the challenges and joys that I face in a normal week. I hope you laugh, cry and relate to us as much as you can because we are your typical mother and daughter trying to navigate their way through this journey together.


So today is my office day, normally I spend 3 hours travelling to work on a train while sipping coffee and listening to music however today I am driving with Ayla. I have had that dreaded moment that every parent has when their childcare falls through and I must admit I panicked. Being a working parent is hard when moments like this come up, I know I’m lucky and could have worked from home but I need to go into the office on a Monday for my meetings so off we go. Half way to London we stop to buy snacks for a tired and slightly grumpy Ayla-Jane (anyone who has had a 2 year old knows what I’m talking about) so we buy fruit which I soon realise is red and very messy when your child is wearing white, but off we go again. We finally get to the outskirts of London park up and head to the train station, please see the picture of Ayla trying to keep herself entertained on the train into central London.

We finally make it to the office and do all our meetings and catch ups and again we are on our way home, luckily for me I’m not driving back so I am able to help customers as well as document our crazy adventure to London.

Today we are enjoying the sun and heading to the farm, I have MyQuickCloud on my phone and all the systems I use ready to go so I can work and spend time with Ayla. We get to the farm and Ayla decides to run off like a rabid animal, finally let loose off her leash and we are off. So as I watch Ayla go up and down the slide for the 157th time, I decide to check my emails (I’m lucky my child is independent as my friend kindly reminded me last week so she runs off and plays independently a lot in the park) and as I glance at my screen and see all the unopened emails coming through like a tidal wave I take a moment to think what other parents must think of me when they look at me. I am that parent that is stood in the park paying half attention to their child and on their phone (except I’m not on Facebook I’m even worse I am checking emails, writing emails and scheduling my calls for the week). Eventually Ayla got bored and decided it was time to go see her favourite animals.

So as we walk down the paths together holding hands and stopping to feed the animals the work phone goes off and although this is us having fun I am also working, I answer the phone chat to the customer and for a moment I remember i’m being paid to stand in the boiling hot sun feeding farm animals with my daughter and talk to customers (My job is amazing).

I have decided today I am going to work from my bed, much to Ayla’s disappointment (she loves a good day out where she can run wild as you can guess from previous days). As we both lay in the big bed together and cuddle I open my laptop screen and make a start on the busy day ahead, Ayla has decided that if we are to set up camp here she would like a few things as part of the deal, a number of chocolate biscuits, my phone and a cup of milk are the deal breakers for staying in bed today (luckily for her I can provide these things even if I don’t really like her eating in my bed or the sound of youtubekids being played as a distraction). So as I type up my emails for the day ahead and slowly make my way through a few enquiries I feel a small person cuddle up to me, thumb in her mouth, phone in hand and I know she is happy to stay put for an hour. So after that hour comes and goes we decide to finally make our way downstairs and make a den (we put up a 2 man tent and airbed in our living room *note yes I may be crazy but working and keeping a 2 year old happy can be an experience*) so we get in the tent with my laptop and I carry on emailing back a few clients and organising the rest of my week. Inside the tent I work and ayla jumps around like a crazy loon, we also have our 8 month old puppy Arthur in the tent so this has now become a little crazy but totally worth the smile on Ayla’s face and to tire them both out!.

Thursdays for us are mums group, me and Ayla go off to a toddler group which is so much fun for me and her. As I sit in this room full of amazing parents (the kids go into a crèche for 2 hours yay for mum break!) we start talking about how hard it is to be a working parent as well as trying to have a life balance and I cant relate to this anymore as I will say 100 times I am so darn lucky to have the ability to work from home. Anyways we drink tea, eat biscuits, talk about the dads behind their backs and make play dough (yes a room full of grown women making play dough is as fun as it sounds). Today is a quiet day for us so as we slowly make our way to do our food shopping for the week I think should we do something fun today or just be adults and sadly being an adult won, walking around the supermarket and having the work systems turned on with a toddler in the trolley is always a fun game for me –not.

So between trying to take everything out of the trolley Ayla keeps putting in, answering a few emails and starting to add to this blog I am starting to feel like running around a supermarket was not such a good idea today! All I want to do is be out in the sun tiring Ayla out and having fun but nope I decided being a grown up was more important anyway once shopping is done its home to do add to my day on this blog post.

Friday is my favourite day of the week as Ayla goes to nursery 1pm-5pm, this gives me a nice time to schedule all my conference calls in without Paw Patrol blaring in the background. So I walk her down to nursery answer a few sales chats on the way and get back home, set up my laptop just in time for a conference call with a third party we work with *shout out to Carly who totally understands what its like to be a working mum*. So for once the house is quiet and I must admit as much as it is my favourite time of the week (mostly because the weekend is nearly here and I don’t work weekends) I do miss Ayla when she isn’t around, I mean she makes my working at home fun! We do get to spend a lot of time together and I am so lucky and fortunate that I get this time with her as a lot of my friends don’t with their kids. I’m lucky I haven’t missed her first steps or her first word or helping her talk and all the little things that you want to be around for as a parent (even the things you don’t want to be around for like sickness or exploding nappies so take the good with the bad I say) but I am fortunate I get to work from home and watch my perfect little crazy princess grow up.

My Final Thoughts :-
I have been that parent that worked 9-5 and left the office late, by the time I got home most nights my daughter would be tucked up in bed and it would break my heart. I felt like I was missing out on everything that was my daughter’s firsts (she’s 2) and I found that really hard. I made a promise to myself that if I could I would be there for those moments but still work and make sure my daughter would be proud of me and have someone to look up to growing up.
I am lucky, I now have a job where I can be successful as well as have the opportunity to work from home. I get to spend my time working hard but not missing the moments that I need to be there for my daughter. I am so fortunate that I am able to enjoy adorable moments with ayla and be able to still work from anywhere in the world as long as I have phone signal or wi-fi. Its not easy being a young working mum with a 2 year old, I was greedy I wanted the career and a child and I finally feel like I am able to have both thanks to MyQuickCloud. I am finally able to have that happy life work balance that I craved so much while I worked within a corporate company.

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